Kyride Media | Agencies

Kyride is featured by wide contact surface and high coverage, and setting the routes or destination according to target audience. It is available to select the main event area, location, air time and so on. Customize the 24/7 outdoor advertising on the cooperative vehicles, and always center on the area with a dense population.




High permeability

Car advertising has always been in motion relative to other outdoor advertising. Because of its novel features of timeliness, flexibility, mobility, and large volume of information, its advertising effect is outstanding. Where there are the crowds of people, there are mobile advertisements in the streets where people are flowing. It can cover the dissemination area that other outdoor advertisements cannot reach.



High consumer contact

Every day, there are uninterrupted advertising, and there are vehicles with LED display screens running on the road, whether it is street or an alley. Psychological research shows that people are most concerned about the things or conditions in front of them, and the moving objects, especially the vehicles.


High coverage

The route of the vehicles with advertising is not fixed. Kyride centers on human traffic and brings the 24/7 uninterrupted advertising, being different from other outdoor advertising. The flow of the crowd represents the orientation of the advertisement. The characteristics of private cars and taxis running around the clock and irregular routes explain the high coverage of dissemination.






The value of car advertising is balanced; there is no so-called prime location and non-prime location. Car advertising also has the "crowd chasing" feature that any other media does not have, that is, vehicles with advertising will actively look for crowd-intensive areas to stay.






The reason why we call the advertising-carried vehicle the "living" media is that it can reach every corner of the city without geographical restrictions. The advertising may be spread all over the streets or allies in one day. Portable advertising can transmit information to the masses anytime and anywhere.





High return on advertising

The advertising expenses of the advertising company are transferred to the cooperative car owners, so that the car owners get the maximum benefit. Customers and potential customers are more likely to use the products or services provided by the advertising company after got the benefits.